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Mario Granito developed the SoloComb concept as an alternative to scissors. It has taken the equine market by storm since then due to its simplicity and ability to solve problem manes and tails. Today the comb is available in over 30 countries worldwide. Other products have joined SoloComb as Mario has created them and they are now collectively known as SoloGroom products. Our unique products have been tried, tested and endorsed by some of the world’s leading professionals. The business is based around the concepts of simple, well designed, humane grooming answers to nature’s manes, tails and coats, combined with excellent customer service.

All SoloGroom tools are purposely designed:

With the animal and owner in mind
To provide one-handed, quiet, painless and humane grooming solutions
To be stylish, light, easy to operate, highly visible and fun to use
To be hygienic, durable and safe for animal and handler
With a 1 year guarantee
Ergonomically – for comfortable left or right handed use
To be the best choice for owners, horses and pets


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Check out Lorraine’s article on using a SoloComb from 2011 and We’ll go ‘Solo’ trimming manes from Horse Journal 03/09.

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Archive Video

Watch the original SoloComb video, viewed over
20,000 times on YouTube.

SoloComb Ltd is committed to the ongoing design and development of the SoloComb trimmers, which are the subject of our international Intellectual Property protection including registered design and design rights. It is the practice of the Company to positively protect their rights.

US Patent D799,116S, RCD Nos. 000341839, 002054171, 002042021, 002299511, 003184837, 004541860, 002683011, Chinese Design Patent Nos. ZL 201430036189.0 and ZL 201630477209.7 US Patent Pending 29/577,903

Humane grooming for horses and pets

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