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Mario Granito developed the SoloComb concept as an alternative to scissors. It has taken the equine market by storm since then due to its simplicity and ability to solve problem manes and tails. Today the comb is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Customer Reviews

5/ 5 Stars

"The SoloRake must be doing really well, everyone I know has one and we all love it."

Professional Horse Hairdresser

5/ 5 Stars

"The SoloRake gave a superb pulled look to my pony’s long thick mane. It was really safe and easy to use and he was very happy for it to be done, unlike pulling! It is great for getting rid of any tangles and for thinning. I would highly recommend it!"

Owner of Prince and Roo

5/ 5 Stars

"I have used the SoloRake on both my cats and dog and found it to be a really useful tool for pulling out the undercoat. The 'grippy' handle is great to use."

5/ 5 Stars

"Having tried other Rakes on the market, I have to say your SoloRake is the best!! The twin head blade design is perfect for all my 20 horses, in particular the Cobs who have very thick manes. I still use my Solocomb that I've had for years, what a great invention."


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Humane grooming for horses and pets

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